The nursery at Drouin Home Timber & Hardware has agreed to become an elite sponsor for the Warragul & District Garden Club

 Available now

  A full range of flower & vegetable seedlings suitable for planting now.

 Potted Colour $2.50 each

 Seeds from Goodmans and Yates

 Weedspray Chemicals

 Searle's Five in One'

 Richgrow Growmix potting Mix 

 Sugar Cane Mulch, Pea Straw and Lucerne Mulch

 Makita Garden Equipment

Check out our latest catalogue at www.drouintimber.com.au 

Lots of Pots, Birdbaths etc

Lots of Pots, Birdbaths etc

Berry Fruit canes & Strawberry Plants

A wide range of weedkillers and spray units

Fertilisers for all types of plants

Rat & Mouse Control Needs

MAKITA Garden Equipment

Pea Straw and other mulches

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